Baltimore Home Organizing

All-inclusive organizing means I’ll be there to:

  • help declutter and curate your possessions

  • optimize your storage

  • arrange for haul away of discards and donations

  • price out and shop for helpful purchases (which will be minimal, because that’s kind of my thing)

  • connect you with other relevant pros

  • follow up with support in maintaining your home

Each session is an investment of 4 hours and $200.

Package Discounts:

3 sessions (12 hours): $540 (10% discount)

6 sessions (24 hours): $1020 (15% discount)

12 sessions (48 hours): $1920 (20% discount)

Virtual Coaching:

Video conferences focused on minimalist mindsets and storage strategies.

1 session (1 hour): $30

3 sessions (3 hours): $80 (10% discount)

So, where should we start?

Most Popular Sessions:


cook simple, healthy meals at home for a fraction of the cost and calories of that greasy take-out joint that’s beginning to know our orders by heart.


get dressed in five minutes flat with a tidy closet filled with life uniform essentials.

Home Office:

support our side hustles, or just make sure we pay our water bills on time.

Storage Space:

create a set-it-and-forget-it system for designated storage zones like basements, garages, and our treadmills (just kidding…kind of).


define our financial goals, set up YNAB, make a budget we’ll actually stick to, and feel closer to financial freedom and peace each payday.

Also Available:

Kids’ Space:

a space that will grow with our children, cultivate imaginative play, and promote independence so we don’t feel like the maids.

Shared Space:

create a living room, dining room, or den that we won’t be mortified about if someone drops by unexpectedly.


ensure a cleaner, greener bathroom for the whole household.

Whole Home Overhaul:

the entire house as we’d always hoped it would be.

Pre-Move Edit:

the purge before the pack.

Post-Move Plan:

optimized organization in our new homes, with zero boxes hidden in the shower at our housewarming parties.

Pre- and Post- Moving Bundle:

we can travel lightly and set up shop quickly from one charm city home to the next.

Need something special? Want to host a workshop for your organization? Let’s chat.