Bmore Minimal Home Organizing FAQs:

Do I have to become a minimalist to work with you?

Whatever amount of stuff feels manageable and enjoyable to you is the amount of stuff you’ll keep in your home. If that means one pair of shoes, cool. If that means 50 pairs of shoes, great. We’ll find out which belongings you require to be content and clear out the rest. The choice to donate or discard an item rests solely and exclusively with you. 

What if my partner/roommate can’t get on board?

We can just tidy their things while they’re out. Just kidding! The only person you can change is yourself. But you already knew that. We can get your things in order and make them so envious of /inspired by your example that they’ll ask you for my number. Shared spaces can still benefit from tidying and putting systems in place that are respectful of other people in your home. 

Can I keep everything I own and just put it all in cute labeled baskets?

We’ll need to start from the same understanding that  a) you currently have some things in your home that you don’t want, need, use, or care for, and b) you’d prefer that those things not be in your home any longer. If donating and/or discarding things in general brings you severe anxiety or distress, we’re not a good match.

When the only items in your home are things you love, and each and every item has a specific home, you won’t need much in the way of baskets or labels. That said, each session includes personal shopping services for any storage solutions we see fit.

What's a typical session like?

We’ll sort your belongings, one category at a time. You’ll keep, donate, or discard each and every item in that category in one fell swoop. No deferred decisions, no hemming and hawing, just getting a read on your intuitive understanding of what belongings are supporting your life and which are weighing you down.

After you’ve selected your favorite, useful, beautiful, special things, we’ll work to assign a specific place in your home so you can tidy up in minutes and take the best possible care of your curated set of belongings.

Each session is 4 hours. That’s plenty considering the physical and emotional work required. When you’re ready to work together again, or you want to tackle a big project, you’ll receive a discount for any additional sessions.

How can I book my session(s)?

Let’s chat about your space, your needs, and your goals and see if we’re a great fit. When you feel ready to get started, simply contact me (Megan) at to coordinate your sessions. I accept cash, check, Venmo, Paypal (3% fee), or credit card (3% fee). Full payment in advance reserves my services for you on our agreed dates.

Should I buy containers, hangers, drawer dividers, etc first?

Nope! Just relax! During our session, we’ll discuss what purchases, if any, might improve your space, and I’ll be happy to do that shopping for you as part of each all-inclusive package.

So, how should I prepare?

Start thinking/journaling/ sketching about what you want your home to feel like when we’re done here. Take those "Before" pics. Get yourself a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your new tidy home. And celebrate you will!